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Calculating Minimum Grades

Regardless of Schoology Plus hypothetical calculations and your unaltered Schoology cumulative average, your teacher always determines your final grade. Consult with your course syllabus to determine the grading policy that applies to you. No software is perfect; you should double-check Schoology Plus’s results for important minimum grade calculations.

You should always try your best on high-value assignments or exams. This tool is intended to provide peace-of-mind and aid in allocating limited study time, not to encourage neglecting high-value assignments.

Schoology Plus can calculate the grade you need on a single assignment (for instance, a final exam) to get (or keep) a desired overall letter grade, as defined in Course Options.

To begin, make sure grade editing is enabled and the grading scale defined in Course Options matches the grading scale of your course.

If the assignment for which you want to calculate a minimum grade does not already exist, add it. The numerator you choose does not matter, but be sure to enter an accurate denominator.

If the assignment does exist, ensure its denominator has loaded (appearing as - / 100 or similar if it does not yet have a grade, or with a numeric score like 0 / 100 if it does have a grade).

Once you have found the assignment, either click the three-dot (“kebab”) menu on the right of the row or right-click the assignment. A context menu should appear. Hover over “Calculate Minimum Grade.” The following should appear:

Calculate Minimum Grade context menu

(The grade options that appear are based on the grading scale set in Course Options.)

Then simply click on the desired grade (e.g. “For A”, to calculate the minimum grade you need for an A). The assignment’s score, and the rest of that course’s gradebook, will edit to reflect the calculated minimum score you need to get that grade.

The results of calculating the minimum grade needed for an A in this course