Schoology Plus

A web extension that enhances your Schoology experience
with numerous interface improvements

Setting Grade Scales

For use in calculating minimum grades as well as in displaying letter grades next to already-existing percentages, grading scales can be set in Course Options. By default, Schoology Plus assigns a common 90% A, 80% B, etc. grading scale to each course for your convenience. It is important that you change this to match your course’s grade cutoffs if they are different.

To get to course options, you can either:

The course options dialog looks like this: Course Options dialog screenshot

Clicking “Add Grading Symbol” will add a row to the bottom of the list of grade symbols (letter grades), and clicking the “X” next to any row will delete that grade symbol. This list should be kept in descending minimum-percentage order.

Each grade symbol will be used for percentages greater than or equal to the defined minimum percentage, but less than the next highest grading symbol. For instance, an 85% in the above example will be a “B” because 85 is greater than 80, but is less than 90, the next highest symbol.

Once the grading scale is set, you’re ready to start simulating.