Schoology Plus

A web extension that enhances your Schoology experience
with numerous interface improvements

Adding New Assignments

Once grade editing is enabled, at the bottom of each category an italicized “Add Assignment” link will appear:

Screenshot of the "Add Assignment" ability

Either by clicking the edit button (the pencil) next to the dash or by clicking the “Add Assignment” text, you will be prompted to enter a grade for the new assignment:

"Add Assignment" in grade edit mode with the grade entry dash selected

Ensure the dash is selected (usually indicated by a blue highlight - if it is not, try clicking near it and pressing Ctrl+A), then type your desired grade.

Entering new Grades

Grades are entered as numerator / denominator. Use a denominator of zero to simulate adding extra-credit.

Good examples:

After you type your grade, press enter to create the assignment.

A new assignment will appear, a new “Add Assignment” row will appear, and the category and course grades will be updated to reflect what would change if that assignment was added. Added assignments have a light yellow background to distinguish themselves from real assignments.

Added Assignment

If you would like to rename the added assignment, click on the assignment title, enter a new name, and press enter to save. This is only to help you keep track of your added assignments, and like every other change will disappear on a page reload.