Schoology Plus

A web extension that enhances your Schoology experience
with numerous interface improvements

Enabling What-If Grades

To enable what-if grades, first go to a grades page, either the overview with all of your grades, or a course-specific grades page.

Once on the grades page, check the box labeled “Enable what-if grades”:

The grades page, with the enable what-if grades checkbox highlighted

You can toggle this checkbox on and off until a grade is edited. After a grade is edited, attempting to disable this checkbox will reload the page (thus clearing all grade modifications).

Note that all grades with simulated edits have an indicator of this status (error_outline), so it is always clear they are not the real course grades. Also note that the “Course Grade” box at the bottom of the gradebook will always display your true course grade, and will never be modified by Schoology Plus.

An (!) appears next to every modified grade