Schoology Plus

A web extension that enhances your Schoology experience
with numerous interface improvements

Dropping Assignments

“Dropping” assignments from the gradebook is a Schoology feature such that a certain number of the lowest scores in a category won’t be counted. Dropped assignments essentially don’t exist, and act as if they were never entered into the gradebook in the first place. Dropping an assignment produces the same result as your instructor deleting it. Dropped assignments display as having a strikethrough through the entire row.

Schoology Plus allows you to both drop assignments that currently count towards your grade and undrop assignments that are currently dropped.

To start, ensure grade editing is enabled. Either right-click the assignment in question or click the three-dot (“kebab”) menu on the right side of the assignment row. A context menu should appear. For a normal, undropped assignment, it should look similar to the following:

A Schoology Plus assignment context menu

Note: For Schoology Plus added assignments, “Drop” will instead be “Delete.” As discussed above, these operations are mathematically equivalent; the only difference is that normal dropped assignments can be undropped, whereas added assignments will disappear when deleted, and must be re-added.

The context menu for an Added Assignment looks something like this:

A Schoology Plus added assignment context menu


Click “Drop.” The assignment will be dropped and no longer count towards your (simulated) grade, and the course and category grade displays will update accordingly.

A course with a simulated grade drop

Note that the assignment now displays like any other Schoology dropped assignment.

Schoology Plus “Added Assignment” assignment entries will disappear, instead of changing to a stricken-through display, when “Delete” is clicked.


Either right-click a dropped assignment or click the three-dot (“kebab”) menu on the right side of its assignment row. A context menu like the following should open:

A dropped assignment's context menu

Click undrop. Its strikethrough line should disappear and it should be re-added to the gradebook. Its effects on the category and course grades will be recalculated.

A course with an undropped grade

Note that even in cases where a drop is simulated (like this example), an undrop will not remove the grade modified error_outline indicator.