Schoology Plus

A web extension that enhances your Schoology experience
with numerous interface improvements

Why can’t I grant Schoology Plus access to my account?

If you receieve a message similar to the one below when attempting to grant Schoology Plus access to your account, that means your school or school district has blocked access to your Schoology API key.

Error Message

Schoology Plus uses the API key to perform actions on your behalf to make features of the extension work correctly. This is usually done to get extra information that is not displayed on the website, but is still available within Schoology’s systems.

For example, we use the API key to automatically check off completed assignments in the Assignment Checklist by looking to see if Schoology has the assignment marked “completed”. We also use it to look up your courses to create the Quick Access box.

Unfortunately, if your school or district is blocking access to your API key, certain features of Schoology Plus will not work correctly. These include, but may not be limited to: What-If Grades, Assignment Checkmarks, Quick Access, and Courses In Common.

Certain features will continue to work, like Custom Themes and various interface improvements like assignment grade percentages.

If you are running into this issue, you should try to contact your school or district administrators! They may have blocked access accidentally and may be willing to restore it.