Schoology Plus

A web extension that enhances your Schoology experience
with numerous interface improvements

Dark Theme Beta Test

The Dark Theme Beta Test has ended! See the full release here!

Thanks to all your amazing help and support, we were finally able to fully release the dark theme after over 6 months of work!

If you want to learn how to apply the new Schoology Plus Modern Dark theme, you can click here.

Welcome to the Schoology Plus dark theme beta test! This has been in the works for a very long time, and we’re excited to finally share it with you! This beta test is actually more than just a dark theme test, it’s actually a test of a brand new theme engine that will eventually allow you to create themes that customize much more of the Schoology interface. Also included in this test is the new light theme, which uses this new theme engine as well.

Joining the Beta

To join the beta test, take the following steps:

  1. Open Schoology (with Schoology Plus installed and enabled)
  2. Press Alt+B (Option+B on a Mac) to open the Beta menu
  3. Enter the code darktheme into the box labeled “Schoology Plus βeta Code”

    You must have anonymous usage statistics enabled in order to participate in beta tests (this does not apply to Firefox users)

  4. Click “Save”

If everything worked correctly, you should see this webpage!

Using the Beta

As soon as you join the beta, the page should reload and the dark theme should be active and you should see a β icon in the top left corner of your Schoology page.

The β icon

An example of the β icon in the top left corner

If you hover over the β icon, the Beta menu will appear, allowing you to change the settings of the beta test:

The beta menu

Setting Descriptions

Enable new theme engine: Enables the new Schoology Plus theme engine which powers the new dark and light themes. This is on by default during the beta test.

Enable dark theme: Enables the new dark theme. Turning this setting off will show the new light theme instead. This is on by default during the beta test.

Enable color test: This is a debug feature for testing whether all elements on the page you’re viewing are properly styled by the new theme engine. When this is on, the page may be entirely black or have a crazy color scheme. This won’t mean anything to you unless you know what you’re looking for. The color test has two modes, blank mode and crazy mode. Crazy mode is on by default, and will change the colors of all properly styled elements to a very ugly combination of neon pinks, greens, oranges. If the page looks super colorful (and ugly), that means it’s working! In blank mode (crazy mode checkbox unchecked), all properly styled elements will be colored black, meaning that if the theme engine is working properly then the entire page should be black! This mode is good for quickly identifying missing styles, but also makes the site unusable.

All settings will be reset to default values when you navigate to a new page. This may change in a future beta release, but for now this is intended.

Your Job as a Tester

As a beta tester, your main job is to use Schoology as normal and find and report any bugs! What’s a bug? Good question! Here are some examples of things that are and are not bugs:

Things that ARE bugs

  1. Page elements that are not properly styled, including:
    • Elements that are white or light when dark theme is enabled
    • Text that is black or dark gray (hard to read) when dark theme is enabled
    • Situations where lack of contrasting colors makes different elements impossible to distinguish
    • Elements that act or look strange when hovering over them
  2. Missing elements or features
    • If anything you normally see when using Schoology is missing, please report it!

Things that ARE NOT bugs

  1. Homepage or teacher posts that aren’t easily visible on dark theme because the author set the text color to black or dark grey
    • Unfortunately some homepage posts are difficult to read if the author manually set the text color. Most homepage posts shouldn’t have this issue, but this is a known bug and a solution or workaround will be implemented before this feature leaves beta
  2. You don’t like the way the dark theme looks
    • This is not constructive feedback. If you really think something is badly styled, please provide a thorough description of what you think looks bad and how you think it could be made better. No guarantees though.

Overall, use good judgement!

How to Report Bugs

Please use the #darktheme-bugs channel in the Schoology Plus Discord server!

Leaving the Beta

If you want to leave the beta, you can remove the darktheme code and click save in the Beta menu at any time. As a reminder, you can access the Beta menu in the following ways:

  1. Press Alt+B (Option+B on a Mac)
  2. Click the β icon in the top left corner while a beta test is active

Thank You!

Thank you for helping test Schoology Plus! We’re looking forward to improving the dark theme over the next few weeks, and hopefully follow up this beta test with some more new features!