Schoology Plus

A web extension that enhances your Schoology experience
with numerous interface improvements


All features below marked with an asterisk* can be changed or customized with a setting

Interface Improvements

Brand New Dark and Light Themes

Dark Theme

Image: Examples of the modern dark and light themes

Custom Themes

Built-in Themes

Image: Demonstration of the built-in themes

Course Icons

Course Icons

Image: Example of built-in course icons

Quick Access

Quick access

Image: Example of the Quick Access pane on the homepage

Check Marks for Submitted Upcoming Assignments

Upcoming Check Marks

Image: Upcoming assignments with check marks



Image: Demonstration of material tooltips

Courses In Common

Courses in Common

Image: Dialog box showing courses in common with another classmate

Miscellaneous Interface Improvements

Grades Page Improvements

Miscellaneous Grades Page Improvements

Grades Page

Image: Example of the grades page showing grades for collapsed courses.

Point Totals and Letter Grades

Image: Example of point totals for categories and unweighted classes. Also features calculated letter grades and point buffers.

Percentages and Possible Points

Image: Shows percentages for each assignment as well as points possible for assignments without grades entered.

Context Menu

Image: Right click a class to view a context menu

What-If Grades

What-If Grades

Image: Example of locally modifying a grade. Notice the change in the category and class grade.

Add Assignment

Image: Example of adding a simulated assignment

Calculate Minimum Score

Image: Example of calculating the minimum score necessary on the final to keep an A in the class. Also demonstrates dropping and un-dropping a grade.

Desktop Notifications

Desktop Notification

Image: A desktop notification

Extension Icon

Image: The extension icon showing the number of new grades

Schoology Plus Announcements


Image: An example of a Schoology Plus announcement

Schoology Plus Settings


Image: The Schoology Plus settings dialog box. Click the (+) button on the navigation bar to open.

Schoology Plus has customizable settings, including but not limited to:

Theme Editor

Custom Theme

Image: The theme editor interface with an example of a custom Black and White theme

Schoology Plus is equipped with a fully-featured theme editor, allowing you to create your own custom theme. The theme editor allows you to preview your changes to the interface, including colors, logos, cursors, and custom icons. To learn more about the theme editor, see the Theme Editor help page.

Course Options

Course Options

Image: The course options dialog box. To access, click on the “Course Options” button on the sidebar of any course page.

Course Nicknames

Custom Grading Scales

Feedback and Support Discord

Schoology Plus has a Discord server where you can offer feature suggestions, report bugs, get support, or just talk with other Schoology Plus users. Click here to join!


Please see for information about contributing to Schoology Plus. This document also includes methods for reporting bugs and submitting feature requests.


This extension was created by Aaron Opell. Significant development assistance has been provided by Glen Husman. Various other contribution information is located in the Contributors dialog accessible via a link in the footer of Schoology Plus settings.


This project is open source under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more information.

Privacy Policy

Schoology Plus respects your privacy and will NEVER collect or sell your personally identifying information. View our full privacy policy here.


Schoology Plus is not affiliated with Schoology Inc. or the Los Angeles Unified School District. Schoology, the SCHOOLOGY® wordmark, and the S logo are registered and unregistered trademarks of Schoology, Inc. in the United States. All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners.